iPUS™ Document Manager

Documents of all kinds are vitally important to any business. The iPUS™ Document Manager system provides end-to-end workflow including document creation, storage, production, and even e-commerce. It also enables rapid access and uploading of many types of electronic documents, which can then be attributed to a variety of different production providers.

As with all iPUS™ modules, all the documents or objects in Document Manager can have different permission / access levels, enabling you and your clients to determine who can view or purchase what.

Documents are stored and presented using familiar file formats in either folder or tree views. You can organise these libraries of documents for safe keeping, online access (intranet and extranet) or on-demand production.

iPUS™ Document Manager features:
Files and Formats
Document Manager provides the ability to upload many types of electronic documents including common formats such as Microsoft Word and Adobe PDFs. The system also provides the facility to convert Word documents to PDF copies as they are uploaded.

Document Manager, documents or objects can be attributed with a Workflow. The Workflow system ensures that the document cannot be released for production, purchase or even viewing until it is approved by the relevant administrator. Workflow stages such as ‘review’, ‘accepted’, ‘rejected’ or ‘require more modification’ can be created or modified as required. The history of the entire Workflow process is recorded in case it is required for contractual or legal reasons.